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The following are links to upcoming Webinars, archived presentations, how-to animations and PDF files

April 18, 2008, 10 AM PDT - Recap the events that occurred during the BIMstorm New Orleans.
March 26, 2008, BIMStorm Player Webinar - Practice BIMStorm *1
March 31-April 2, 2008, At Fiatech Conference Floor
April 18, 2008, BIMStorm Presentation Webinar
*1 - Players who have signed up will receive a notification of the Practice BIMStorm Webinars

BIMStorm Animations Play
BIMSTORM: 2 Min. playsmall.jpg
Feb. 15, BIMStorm LAX Player Presentation Audio Only: 60 Min. playsmall.jpg
Feb. 15, BIMStorm LAX Conclusion: 5 Min. playsmall.jpg
Tower in BIMStorm LAX 4D Sequence: 1 Min. playsmall.jpg
Feb. 1, 2008 Overview Presentation of BIMStorm LAX: 50 Min. playsmall.jpg
Introduction to BIMStorm: 2 Min. playsmall.jpg
BIMStorm Rotterdam, 60 Architects: 10 Min. playsmall.jpg

How to Animations Play
Onuma to Revit. Multi story BIM : 5 Min. playsmall.jpg
Onuma to BIM Simple Building: 4 Min. playsmall.jpg
BIM on Demand Excel to BIM: 5 Min. playsmall.jpg
Basic Onuma Navigation: 6 Min. playsmall.jpg
Excel to Onuma Automatic BIM: 4 Min. playsmall.jpg
Google Earth and Onuma: 5 Min. playsmall.jpg
Onuma to Google Earth: 5 Min. playsmall.jpg
Onuma to BIM: 3 Min. playsmall.jpg
Grouping of Spaces: 2 Min. playsmall.jpg
Vertical Alignment of Spaces: 4 Min. playsmall.jpg
Vertical Alignment and Grouping: 4 Min. playsmall.jpg
Attaching Comments and Files: 4 Min. playsmall.jpg
Sharing Schemes and Reports: 4 Min. playsmall.jpg
Importing Buildings from Google Earth: 4 Min. playsmall.jpg

PDF Files

1. BIM to Onuma in a few easy steps.
2. Attaching Comments and Files.

Articles about BIMStorm
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Whitestone Research
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New Daedalus - Open Design Goes Public with BIMStorm LAX
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PR Mac - Nemetshek and Onuma
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BuildingSmart Norway Blog
West Virginia Gazette-Feb. 15, 2008
West Virginia Gazette-Feb. 11, 2008

Download and Link to Training Info

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