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Specify the User Group whose Projects need to be listed:
(Note: The Password-Field for the Default and the OGC User Groups are set automatically)
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Search the Catalog of the ONUMA Web Feature Service™ by Coordinates (Bounding Box):
1. Use one of the presets to set the "Bounding Box" values:
US Western US Southern US Eastern US Europe
Ketchikan Seattle Newark SF Bay Area Whole World
2. OR upload a KML File (Google Earth) to define the bounding box:
(Place two placemarks for the two corners of a rectangle in a folder in Google Earth and save the folder as KML file.)
    Upload    (Note: use the Onuma Polygon Catalog
   to search in an irregular shaped area.)
3. OR enter the values for two corners of the bounding box manually (default: "Whole World"):
Longitude 1 Latitude 1 (lower left)
Longitude 2 Latitude 2 (upper right)
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