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Object Genome

ONUMA brings organizations up to speed using the latest technologies. We work toward solutions built on open standards. We integrate what an organization uses with the latest tools. We identify kinks with an organization's technology. Often, how a firm accesses their files can be the biggest bottle neck. We recognize patchwork methods that impact creativity and production. Our team researches the best technologies, complementing it with existing technologies. We develop new strategies.

We have been embracing technologies from the early 90s. We had our first dial up modem in 1989 and a registered a domain name in 1993. Technology interests us and we enjoy exploring new ways to enhance how we accomplish our tasks on real architectural projects.

ONUMA Services, Solutions and Products enable:

  • Processing vast amounts of data
  • Organizing data in a structured format to make the information relevant
  • Creating knowledge-centric systems centered around you
  • Giving immediate access to your knowledge
  • Allowing combined knowledge in our system with the user's knowledge and experiences
  • Accelerating wisdom and understanding
  • Creating solutions based on the combination of systems, wisdom, knowledge and data
  • Capturing this process to continually refine it for the next round
  • Communicating with team, client and/or stakeholders
  • Repeating the process
  • Increasing the value of your wisdom

Organizations put a lot of man power in any given project. Data and knowledge that is organization critical should never be trapped in any proprietary format. The value of data far outweighs the cost of the hardware and software that contains it.

ONUMA Services:

Strategic Planning

  • Business process re-engineering
  • Change management
  • Technology strategy
  • Define new value for your business
  • Strategy documentation and white papers
Implementation of Software and Solution
  • Customizing application development
  • Customizing Onuma for your organization
  • Customizing digital product catalogs
  • Making BIM simple
  • Training
  • Technical support
Project Support
  • ONUMA Charrette BIMStorm
  • Online support
  • Building Information Modeling support
  • Design support
  • Facility management support

In an information and knowledge-centric world, it is the information and management of information that is valuable. We are relentless in our focus on increasing the value of information by making it interoperable.

Within a decade the internet grew so quickly because it is based on open-standards. We work with any solution built on interoperable standards, including other formats. Interoperable formats encourage vendors and service providers to focus on true value.

Our in-depth knowledge and architectural background and experience with the built environment, along with our expertise in software programming can help your organization create a sustainable strategy based on open standards.

Remember, the Internet is neutral and accessible to all. With that in mind, make your business hum. You already know how to navigate the web and use spreadsheets. These two skills can bring enormous power to your fingertips.

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