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Technical Support

Technical Support Options

Onuma offers many levels of technical support and training. These range from free support to paid, basic, advanced and strategic support.
  • Regular free webinars are scheduled to provide support.
  • Extensive help files and animations on the use of Onuma are available here.
  • The award winning BIMStorms are a great place to not only learn how to use Onuma but also to learn how to use other tools. These are also perfect for understanding the strategy behind using the award winning tools and processes of BIMStorm.
  • Paid technical support is available by purchasing time from the experienced ONUMA teams in 30 minute or one hour sessions.

Online Help and BIM Tube Support

  • Web based help options are accessible from the "Help" button within Onuma and here.
  • BIM Tube Animations are also available here.

Onuma Bugs and Comments Link

  • From within Onuma there is a "Bugs and Comments" button.
  • Please post all questions and comments using this link.
  • This has several advantages. The comment is sent from within the area of your scheme that you have a question or comment about and helps us to respond specifically to that comment.
  • Post requests for new features through the same link. We are constantly adding new features to Onuma. Since Onuma is a Cloud Computing application, no software needs to be installed for the new features to appear. Updates to Onuma are happening on a weekly basis.
  • If the question is related to a bug, we will respond and let you know. Typically you will get a response within hours on business days, depending on the time zone.
  • If the question is not related to a bug, we will review it for inclusion in future Webinars.
  • If you need immediate response to non-bug related issues, please use the "Paid Technical Support Options" below.

Onuma Webinars

  • Please check here for the next scheduled Webinar.
  • Post your questions to the Onuma "Bugs and Comments" button for review in future Webinars.
  • Each Webinar will have a theme, and questions relating to that theme will be reviewed in the Webinar.
  • Customized Webinars are also available, contact us for a quote.


Paid Technical Support Options

  • Various support options are available
  • Pre-paid packaged starting from 30 minutes are available.
  • 24-48 Hour response time depending on the time zone, business day and availability. Response time could be within hours based on the complexity of the request.
  • ASAP technical support receives the highest priority based on availability.
  • Request technical support here.

Basic Support

Response Time
Basic Support 24-48 Hour ASAP
1-30 Minutes $85 $170
Each 60 Minutes $135 $270

  • Onuma functionality
  • Import export options
  • Links to Google Earth and Excel
  • Multi-hour support packages also available

Mid Level Support

Response Time
Mid Level Support 24-48 Hour ASAP
1-30 Minutes $115 $230
Each 60 Minutes $185 $370

  • Links to other applications such as Revit and Archicad
  • Multi-hour support packages also available

Advanced Support

Response Time
Advanced Support 24-48 Hour
1-30 Minutes $175
Each 60 Minutes $288

  • Advanced set up of data in Onuma
  • Custom settings
  • Customized output to Google Earth
  • Interoperability between various applications
  • Managing standards
  • Multi-hour support packages also available

Strategic Consulting

  • Workflows and use of Onuma on projects
  • Project focused strategic use of Onuma
  • Teaming strategies using Onuma and other applications
  • Consulting and architecture, planning support for projects also available
  • Contact ONUMA for more info

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