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How to Play in Boston II

  • April 14 - May 13, 2008 - Planning Period
  • April 14 - May 31, 2008 - Ongoing Charrette
  • May 14, 2008 - Live Charrrette in Boston and Virtually
  • June, 2008 - Webinar Presentation of BIMStorm

The Plan for Boston. Several scenarios are emerging and will continue to evolve.

The Existing City Hall Building, BIMStorm Looms overhead...

  • Project #1 - Boston City Hall - Retrofit and modernization to look at sustainable urban design solutions for the existing city hall. The "i" of this BIMStorm will be Boston City Hall. A controversial building that we feel can be a catalyst for an exploration of what is possible with an existing building. The study of this scheme will start during the Boston BIMStorm and continue on until fall of 2008.

  • Tasks
    • Build existing Boston City Hall in BIM to be used as a baseline of current condition.
    • Create several schemes, based on studies that have been underway for over 10 years.
    • Compare schemes to identify optimal solution to be used as a case study at the AIA TAP Conference on May 14, 2008.
    • Identify audience members that will interact with the case study live.
    • Engage other BIMStorm veterans to interact with the case study by attaching comments and files to the selected scheme.
    • Create reports to analyze cost and energy use of scheme.
    • Analyze water runoff
    • Build alternate site for new Boston City Hall by the pier to compare with the renovation scheme.
    • Export schemes as IFC to BIM and continue work in other "bim" applications such as Revit, Archicad, VectorWorks?, and SketchUp?
    • Energy analysis in Ecotect, Green Buidling Studio and Onuma.

  • Some of the issues to be addressed in this project:
    • Sustainable Urban Design
    • Open Space
    • Transportation
    • Green Roofs
    • Storm Water Management
    • Accessibility
    • Energy Savings
    • Healthy Interiors
    • Security
    • Transparent Government
    • and more...

Should the existing City Hall be renovated?


Should a new City Hall be built by the waterfront?


  • Project #2 - Museum for Boston


  • The National Capital Planning Commission team from Washington DC did a great job of jumping into the New Orleans BIMStorm at the last minute and designing a museum. A museum program was defined in Onuma and the team picked up that requirement and went through a process of exporting the IFC file to Revit and SketchUp and posting the results back to the BIMStorm site.
  • We would like to see more of this type of a process in Boston.
  • Using the two museum programs developed in Los Angeles and New Orleans, create a new version for Boston.

  • Project #3 - US Coast Guard Building in Boston
  • The US Coast Guard needs a new headquarters type building in Boston.
  • Study existing buildings in Boston that can house the required programming area for the Coast Guard.

  • Project #4 - Medical Center
  • A new medical center for Boston.

  • Project #5 - Fire Stations and Emergency Services
  • Define new fire stations that will be required for the next 20 years in Boston.
  • Locate them on Google Earth.

  • Project #6 - Audience Participation, Build Boston II
  • Using the format developed in BIMStorm Pasadena, have audience submit projects that will be created during the demonstration.
  • Goal is to locate up to 40 buildings in Boston.
  • Identify sustainability goals for these buildings.
  • Create reports of energy use and cost
  • Simulate 4D build up for 20 years.

  • Submit Your Project


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