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BIMStorm Connecting Buildings to the Earth

The building industry is the largest consumer of natural resources--far more than cars or anything else. With the global warming challenges the world faces today reaching a crisis level, it is not only an opportunity for us to address this problem, it is our obligation. The only way to even start talking about sustainability and LEEDS in any meaningful way is to measure how our built environment impacts our globe. The way to do this is to link "BIM to GIS". BIMStorm Vancouver demonstrated this.


Watch the introduction of Kimon's presentation in Vancouver

July 21-25, 2008, BIMstorm Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Live at the GeoWeb Conference
  • Using iPhones to build a BIM in real-time
  • Two sessions:
    • BIMStorm The BIG Easy Way - One hour overview presentation
    • BIMStorm Vancouver Live - Three hour hands on workshop
  • Workshop Format
    • Overview presentation of concept and history
    • Show sites and projects
    • Introduce virtual team and roles
    • Show Google Earth streaming in live data from Onuma WFS
    • Start a new project
    • Analysis of designs by various tools
    • Review results and refine
    • Presentation of projects
    • Conclusion and Q&A
  • Real Time Green Design
    • Calculating the impact of Green Roofs on design.
    • Energy Use of Buildings
    • Storm water
    • Utility usage
    • Transportation planning
    • Noise
    • Landscape and Hardscape

Program Requirements moves from BIMstorm London to BIMstorm Vancouver

Here is a view of the program requirements for BIMStorm London moved to Vancouver.



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