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BIMStorm Japan - Response to the devastation from the 3.11.11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan

A few weeks ago we received an email from Ryota Ieiri a journalist and blogger in Japan.

He asked about the response to the Plan Haiti BIMStorm and if there was any lessons learned that could be applied to Japan in how Building Information Modeling (BIM) could support this effort . This message from Ryota along with requests from other architects, engineers and builders made us decide to take action.

Onuma Inc. has started a project in the Onuma System to allow collaboration with participants from around the world. This has already resulted in rapidly planning shelter sites and getting input form many participants.

Intershelter has shipped several shelters from the US to Japan and is currently on the ground in northern Japan helping to set up this initial shelters and in discussions on how to supply more shelters.

We hope to support many more efforts like this as part of the response to the disaster in Japan.

How to Participate

  • Follow the BIMStorm Japan blog and other information linked from this site: http://bimstorm.blogspot.com/
  • Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/BIMstorm
  • Individuals and organizations are collaborating to support Japan
  • ONUMA Inc. is donating the use of the ONUMA System.
  • ONUMA Inc. will provide a free "view only" access to the ONUMA System, BIMStorm Japan studio to all who sign up.
  • If you would like to be hands-on the planning process, a three month license to the ONUMA System for $1 a month is available.
  • We encourage those that can purchase a standard license at $45 per month to do so.
    • 100% of the licensing fees will be donated to Japanese earthquake relief agencies.
  • Please sign up below to identify how you would like to participate and you will be contacted with more information.
  • If you already have an ONUMA System account access to the Japan BIMStorm will be added to your login.


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2011-04-17 18:36:36