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The "Declaration of Information Independence" was signed in Pasadena.


  • On April 23, 2008, participants in the Pasadena BIMStorm�, signed the "Declaration of Information Independence" that stated:

Declaration of Information Independence
When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one industry to reinvent itself to sustain a lasting harmony between nature and humanity we seek a path to business process change that improves efficiency and reduces waste through a declaration supporting Open Standards.

We hold this path to be self evident, all data should be equally accessible.

When equally accessible, data can be used to enhance knowledge-based decision making, integrate data across many industries, increase the collective knowledge of civilization and support better use of our shared planet to promote the right of all people to a sustainable, healthy life on Earth.

We endorse and implore the alliance of building industry organizations to support Information Independence in order to BuildSmart.

In Pasadena, California, USA - April 23, 2008!

  • Join us for another live signing at the Boston BIMStorm on May 14, 2008 and at the AECST BIMStorm on May 20, 2008.


None of the BIMStorms would be possible without using open standards. The Journal of Building Information Modeling Spring issue was distributed at the meeting and participants were encouraged to join the buildingSMARTallianace.org and support open standards.

Two copies of the book "BIG BIM, little bim" were given by drawing names from attendees. The concept of BIG BIM versus little bim, was also presented.

AIA PF Presentation of BIMStorm� live at Parsons Headquarters in Pasadena.

Photographs by Grayson Stebbins

  • Presentation by Kimon at Parsons Headquarters - 100 W. Walnut, Pasadena, CA
  • Close to 100 attended for a sold out event. For those that were not able to attend, please join us in May either in Boston, MA or Anaheim, CA.

  • 40 of the 100, created a BIM in the BIMStorm� by submitting a project live during the presentation

On April 23, 2008, BIMstorm� come back to where it all started...Pasadena, CA with a presentation in association with AIA Pasadena and Foothill at the Parsons headquarters.

Up to My BIM In BIMStorm� Presentation by Kimon Onuma, FAIA

The historic 2008 Los Angeles, BIMStorm� event is transforming the industry. The program was a real-time design charrette of over 60 city blocks with 55 million square feet, during a 24 hour period. It involved a wide cross section of the industry. Participants who had no idea what BIM was, were creating BIM.

From an architectural perspective, the information in BIM is the true value. Architects produce an immense amount of information that is under-utilized. Information that is not accessible will become irrelevant in this information centric age. Architects that understand this will flourish like the internet and those that do not will fade like a Betamax.

BIMStorm was proof that a stunning amount of collaboration and change is possible today with many tools. At the end of the day, it is not the technology or tools that matter, but the ability to translate our knowledge into a format that is relevant and valuable. BIM is just a container for data. A changed process with new tools gives us broader choices on how data is used. Technology is not the barrier to change, the cultural shift in how we collaborate is the challenge.

As an principal or owner come learn first hand how you can have an impact on your organization and the industry today. You do NOT need to know how to use BIM to make this shift. This will change your business plan. As a professional in the industry, come learn how you can be poised to be part of this shift today. There are two choices, stand by and watch the world change in front of you or be part of the change.

BIMStorm had ripple effects throughout the world, and it started here in Pasadena. Come and learn at the eye of the storm. We will build part of Pasadena in this real time charrette.

  • Bring your iPhones to build a BIM in real time
  • Conference Information.
  • Looking for BIMStorm participants to be part of this presentation. You do not have to be in Pasadena. We will be demonstrating a live BIMStorm Charrette and would like to engage the audience in Pasadena as well as all other BIMStorm participants virtually.
  • Green BIMStorms, how we designed 420 buildings in 24 hours with 133 people and burned zero carbons for travel.
    • Overview presentation of concept and history
    • Show sites and projects
    • Start a new project.
    • Analysis of designs by various tools.
    • Review results and refine.
    • Presentation of projects
    • Conclusion and Q&A

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