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Low Carbon Collaboration URL Launched

To promote the concept of using less carbon to collaborate on projects, Onuma has launched the Low Carbon Collaboration web site:


Being green is not only about using green materials. Studies have shown that the design and construction process contributes to upwards of 30% waste. Green processes for the building industry are possible. Car/air plane trips, documenting methods, and courier shipments are not environmental. Having the ability to forecast how decisions might negatively impact a project life-cycle has a huge impact on the use of resources during construction, operations and maintenance. There are smarter and greener ways to collaborate and quickly forecast negative decisions. Low Carbon Collaboration techniques use open standards to manage project information with the same data throughout the project life-cycle. BIMStorms are proven collaboration processes happening at a stunning pace. They minimize the need for traditional carbon heavy communications like face-to-face meetings and travel. The building industry is poised to promote a "green practice" with sustainable project management processes.

An Emerging Democracy

By allowing simultaneous input from so many levels, Onuma sees what happened at the Alexandria BIMStorm and other BIMStorms as part of a continual democratization of design and information. All it takes is a willingness to share information. The more you horde information, the less we want to work with you. If you try to close things down, thats when errors start happening. By making it transparent, you can see problems faster, too. A lot of business practices have been about: What do we protect and not share with the outside world? If you look at business models that have developed on the Internet, its the reverse, so were flipping it around.

The above is an excerpt from AIArchitect article by Zach Mortice. Click here for full article.

Low Carbon Collaboration BIMStorms

BIMStorms are: Rapid Pace | 24, 48 and 72 Hour Events | Many Participants. Participants are invited to: work with BIM tools of their choice and particular areas of interest. Projects will be stored on the BIMStorm model server with participants collaborating via BIM cloud computing.

Should your organization want to participate in BIMStorm, please contact Onuma here: https://www.onuma.com/Contact/ContactPasadena.php

Current Participating Architectural Schools

  • University of Southern California, School of Architecture
    • Kimon Onuma will be teaching a five week Low Carbon Collaboration BIMStorm course during Spring 2009
  • University of Southern California - The Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Virginia Tech WAAC
  • Pennsylvania State University, Computer Integrated Construction Research Program
  • Catholic University, School of Architecture
  • Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture

Watch here for updated information on Low Carbon Collaboration BIMStorms.

2010 is the Tipping Point

With the worldwide economy in turmoil, the polar ice caps melting, and increasing security threats, 2010 is the perfect time to learn and be relevant. Work smarter and counter these challenges.

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