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Los Angeles


BIMStorm™ Los Angeles | 31 January 2008

BIMStorm™ LAX was a simple concept in December 2007, and it became a "Woodstock" for the building industry. BIMStorm™ LAX brought together a wide cross section of building industry professionals to design over 60 Los Angeles city blocks encompassing over 50 million square feet in real-time.

Forty years ago an event changed the culture of the world.
BIMStorm™ LAX was 24 hours of collaboration, and to change the culture of the industry.

A view of all the schemes submitted on Feb. 1, 2008 totaling over 50 Million Square Feet. This is a view of all square footage spread out on one floor as a carpet and hovering 1000 feet of the ground. Each block represents one building ranging from 450 SF to over a million square feet.


This view is of every scheme stacked on top of each other to represent the total area of all projects.


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BIMStorm™ - Weather Reports
Player Overview Online Meeting- Feb. 15, 2008
  • 12:00 Noon PST

Panel to Meet and Review Process- Feb. 14, 2008 24 Hours Completed - Feb. 1, 2008 Teams forming for BIMStorm
  • RLF, Design Atlantic, Perkins + Will, Gensler, Geographic Intelligence Services, Penn State, Cal Poly Pomona, Erika Epstein, Luchessi Galati, Connolly Architects, Earth and Sky Architecture, Stuart Architecture, Miralles Associates, Orcutt|Winslow, DeStefano and Partners, SSFM International, Nemetschek NA, CADVisual, Irwin Pancake Architects, and more.
Panel Announced - January 14, 2008 Corporate Sponsors Added - January 14, 2008
  • Thanks to our Sponsors
  • Orcutt/Winslow, Perkins + Will, buildingSMARTalliance, Autodesk, Gensler, VectorWorks, Weitz, AEC infosysems, AEC3, CADvisual, Digital Vision, Ecotect, Graphisoft
Master Planning Charrette - January 12, 2008 Google Map Opened for View and Comment - January 10, 2008 BIMStorm Forum Opened for View and Comment - January 10, 2008 Whitestone Research to Provide Life Cycle Costing - January 10, 2008

BIMstorm™ LAX Submitted to AIA BIM Award

  • ONUMA submitted the entire BIMstorm™ LAX project and process to the 2008 AIA TAP BIM Award
  • AIA BIM Award was due on Feb. 1, 2008. This was a first of a kind real time submittal to the BIM Award.
  • Player teams and sponsors will be listed in the submittal

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