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Build Hospital Live 09- The Scenario

An existing hospital campus in Norway is planning a new patient wing. The site and preliminary configuration of the building envelope and mass has been established. The starting point will be a program requirements database with room function programs, a set of geometric room containers, and a building body. There are three main steps to the process. Teams can decide their level of participation. Some teams may decide to do all three steps and others may decide to focus on one or two. Teams are also encouraged to collaborate among themselves. It is also possible to go even further than the three steps and design variations of the design. Creativity in design, process and collaboration is encouraged. The intent is to make this a learning experience without the constraints of traditional processes. The end result is that teams will be certified as having participated in the Build Hospital Live process.

Actual Hospital owners will be monitoring this process.


PROCESS - The challenge consists of three parts

  • I - SPACE PLANNING - Working from a space list, the teams are to combine the spaces into an efficient and correct configuration. Then the spaces are defined as rooms in the building model.

  • 2 - CONCEPT RESOLUTION - Based on the form of the building the teams are to develop the concept of the structural, electrical and ventilation system for the building.

  • 3 - DETAILING -The teams are then to select an area of the building and detail it down to product and equipment level.

Sample Tasks that Teams Can Choose

Here are some sample tasks for each stage. These are too be used as a guide. Teams can decide to participate in one or all of these, or create your own process. The main theme on all of these tasks is early collaboration and sharing. Teams will be certified based on how they expose their process and share the results not only with the teams but for all participants to observe as well. This is not a competition for the best design or solution.

Publication and sharing will happen in Onuma. Teams can get access to the Onuma System by signing up here.

This is for early planning using the project program requirements. The intent is to have teams to start to explore the possibilities with the project program requirements and the constraints of the site, budget, client requirements and other factors.

  • Start with the program requirements and create your own project from it. The program requirements is a list of spaces and recommended location by floor in an excel file. This can be imported to Onuma, or your tool of choice to create a blocking and stacking model.
  • Study the adjacency and rough layout of the floors using the program requirements.
  • Study how the program requirements can fit on the site.
  • Create an early cost estimate based on the above.
  • Recommend Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems that could be used for the project. This can be accomplished by hand sketches or early BIM schemes.
  • Recommend Structural Systems that can be used for the project. This can also be accomplished by hand sketches or early BIM schemes.
  • All of the above must be either accomplished in the Onuma System or posted back to the Onuma System as attachments.

Based on the Space Planning Concepts completed in Step 1 by your team, or select the Step 2 templates and skip Step 1, continue with more detailed design.

  • Create detailed layout of floors and spaces.
    • These can be in the Onuma System, and then exported to other BIM applications
    • Continue with the layouts started in the Onuma System in other BIM applications.
  • Siting of building and relationship to surround area.
  • Detailed studies of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems.
  • Detailed studies of Structural Systems
  • Cost Estimating
  • All of the above must be posted back to the Onuma System as attachments.

NOTE: Teams that want to only focus on part of the concept resolution may use the predefined schemes in the Onuma System. For example if your team only wants to study structural systems, you may start with the scheme "2 Concept Resolution" that already has the planning completed and focus only on the structural system. An alternative would be to team up with an Architectural team and use their scheme.

Detailed studies of various elements of the projects. Teams can use the 3-Detail Studies Scheme or work with other teams.

  • Curtain Wall System
  • A single suite of rooms. For example emergency rooms on lower floor.
  • A detailed study of any element of the building.


  • Teams can use their BIM tools of choice
  • The Onuma System will be used to facilitate program requirements and access to project data through the web. Access to the Onuma System will be provided to teams.
  • An "openBIM" will be submitted by all teams. The data must be made accessible and published at regular four hour intervals.
  • Schedule and cost estimates for the planning and construction
  • A simplified process model of their work process
  • A one-page report
  • All material to be published on the web for access.

Publication of results

  • All submissions in the competition will be saved and made publicly available.

Sample Process and Tutorials

As part of the documentation for the competition, a solved and idealized version of the competition submission will be developed and made available for all participants. This will be used to train participants prior to the event and also can be used by teams to bypass one or more of the steps in the challenge.


All participants will receive a BuildHospitalLive 2009 Certification. The certificate will validate your participation and training in the BHL09 process. Participation in person is not required. Virtual participants will receive a certificate for 'Low Carbon Collaboration" participation.

Kimon Onuma, FAIA - Live in Oslo

  • Kimon Onuma will be presenting and participating live in Oslo from Sept. 22-25th, 2009.
  • The Onuma team will be participating from California, virtually, through "Low Carbon Collaboration"
  • Come be a part of the live collaboration in Oslo.
  • Award winning Onuma and BIMStorm process will be made available to all participants.

Participating Software Companies
  • Autodesk
  • Nosyko
  • Onuma
  • Solibri
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