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BIMStorm™ AGC - Associated General Contractors of America

  • AGC, BIMForum in Lake Tahoe - June 26-27, 2008 Live!
  • BIMStorm™ LAX created 420 buildings in 24 hours, now we need contractors to complete the picture.
  • Join us to continue some of the BIMStorm™ LAX designs:
    • Constructability Review
    • Cost Estimating
    • Fabrication using BIM
    • Scenerio planning for options.
    • Live interaction between owners, city agencies, architects, builders and contractors.
  • Write up in AGC News

This is one of the buildings from BIMStorm™ LAX:


  • Started as an Excel program of 1600 spaces at 8:00 on Jan. 31.
  • Imported into Onuma and created first scheme at 8:10 AM
  • Final scheme completed by 9:00, floor plates defined, elevator core set.
  • SSFM Structural team in Honolulu, picks up IFC file from Onuma and starts structural design work in Revit Structure.
  • First structural model submitted back at 4PM Pacific.
  • SSFM Team in Manila picks up at the end of the day and completes the structural model.
  • Next step is to have BIMStorm™ AGC pick up where the project left off on Feb. 1, 2008.
    • Reduce the number of floors to calculate cost.
    • Create BIM for concrete structure to compare cost.

BIMStorm™ - AGC

BIMStorm™ - AGC What Happened

Teams from the AGC took the tower design and ran through a series of constructability reviews including many more detailed analysis of stuctural, MEP and curtain wall systems. Some of the dialogue and results are shown below. An amazing amount of collaboration over a very short period of time occured. A review of what options there were by going from steel to concrete happened. The floor to floor height was reduced and thus the overall height, and total exterior skin were reduced. A more detailed study of the structural steel option revealed savings by changing the Revit Structural model and reviewing options in Revit Structural and Tekla. A detailed MEP study revealed other options. The end result was that in a few days, what used to take weeks or months to get to the level of detail and analysis among teams, revealed options that would have not come up in a traditional linear approach.

Some samples of the collaboration that happened:

Structural Studies

Revit structural model detailed analysis and Tekla model.

Intertech Design, Inc. Schuff International


MEP Systems

From Emcor Construction Services
Electrical Room

Review of Concrete Option

Memo from Swinerton Contruciton:

To: Kimon Onuma, Onuma, Inc.
From: Daniel Gonzales, Corp. Mgr. Virtual Design & Construction
Date: June 26, 2008
Re: BIMstorm Concrete Building
We had a VE Design Charrette of the concrete proposal yesterday with Greg Luth from GPLA. We feel that both schemes are over designed. We understand that Schuff is looking at the steel version so I trust they will respond to its design.
Here some thoughts on design VE items for the concrete structure:

  • We can get a 20% reduction in member size and foundation core support by introducing a Belt
Truss (two Story structural wrap of exterior 2/3 of the way up) to reduce the over turning moment
  • The "Belt" can have openings between columns and floors of 50% H and 50% V.
  • These floors would be good location for Mechanical areas
  • Right now we are looking at 48"columns for first 15 to 20 floors on a 30' grid upper floors 30"
  • 8" floor slabs, girders 24 x 55, beams 14 x 22
  • Concrete structure would have lower Floor to Floor than the Steel reducing the height of the
building by approx. 140' (that is a lot of skin savings)
  • There is a big Core in this building and the designer should look to making it more efficient
  • Columns will need to have high strength concrete (10,000 psi) Greg will check on availability in
LA area
  • Use light weight concrete for the floor slabs
  • We have a big floor plate so we are looking at 4 pour sequence. We think that we are looking
to do floor every 3 weeks till we get to 3rd to 4th floor then 2 weeks per floor after that



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