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SketchUp and Onuma

SketchUp is a wonderfully simple modeling tool that allows you to rapidly explore different massing, blocking and stacking options with minimal BIM training; much like the Onuma System! With such shared interests it was only natural for us to develop a plug-in using BIMXML standards to allow for interoperability.

With the Onuma SketchUp Plug-in you can take your SketchUp model into Onuma to add data or you can take your data rich Onuma Model into SketchUp to add realistic rendering.

This powerful translation between SketchUp and Onuma also allows you to take your SketchUp model to the cloud and onward to other BIM applications (e.g. Revit, ArchiCAD, etc). The Onuma SketchUp Plug-in becomes a gateway for your SketchUp studies into the world of BIM.


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2015-10-17 19:57:51