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Open Architecture
Open Architecture

ONUMA believes in open standards and an approach to designing buildings and the environment that we classify as "ONUMA Open Architecture™". Architecture built on transparent and open standards. If it is not OPEN, we do not use it.


The term "architecture" has been borrowed in the software world from the building architecture world. As building and software architects we respectfully borrow it back and redefine what architecture is in the 21st century.


No more proprietary data. We have all seen examples of a road being dug up to install a utility line and then covered up only to be dug up again. The inefficient use of resources can now be eliminated using Open Architecture.

The technology and process now exist to truly create an Open Architecture for the built environment. This approach not only makes business sense since it drastically cuts down on cost, but it also has a higher calling of supporting the need to be more sustainable in how we use our resources in this world.

ONUMA Open Architecture™ creates environments that:

  • Support higher quality design of buildings
  • Support higher quality and interoperable information about our environment
  • Are built on sustainable data
  • Are built on interoperable data that generate value for the client and environment
  • Create transparent information that is then made available to support integrated decision making

ONUMA Open Architecture™ is structured and enterprise centric to support one user or thousands of users. This process learns over time as our environment gets richer with integrated data. In this section we list projects that have used this approach.

"Transparency of information breeds self-correcting behavior. If everyone understands the goals of the organization and you make information available to them, it becomes empowering. It breeds a common sense of purpose."

Adm. Thad Allen, Commandant U.S. Coast Guard

2015-08-06 02:01:37

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