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Los Angeles Community College and BIMStorms

University of Utah - BIMStorm

Plan Haiti BIMStorm - Webinar #2

COBIE2 Challenge - Baltimore MD

Onuma 2010 - Real Time

Oslo Norway, Open BIM Conference

Plan Haiti BIMStorm - Webinar #1

COBIE 2 Challenge

BIMStorm Build Hospital Live Washington DC

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Live Cost Estimating in the Cloud - Tokmo and Onuma

BIMStorm Presentation to the Royal Danish Academy

Army and BIM

  • Connecting Energy, Life-Cycle, Construction, Operations / Maintenance and BIM
  • Produced by BIM Education Co-op and hosted by PBS&J Alexandria.
  • Witness what is possible by mashing up BIM and GIS using the Onuma System, Google Earth, ArcGIS? and other applications.
  • June 1, 2009
  • View Recorded Webinar here

45 Minutes to BIM in the Clouds with BIMStorm® - The Perfect Storm

  • Connecting Energy, Life-Cycle, Construction, Operations / Maintenance and BIM
  • June 1, 2009

We take the 45 Minutes to BIM webinars a step further by showing how to rapidly plan for new buildings or manage existing buildings with a focus on energy. The Connectivity Week Conference in Santa Clara, CA inspired us to focus this BIMStorm around the GooglePlex. See their cool solar panel meter reporting in real time how much energy was generated today:

What if our buildings were smarter? What if they could inform us how much energy they are using? Connectivity week is going to explore what is possible today and in the future. Data from BIM can be the user interface to visualize what our buildings are doing and inform us as we design new or renovate existing facilities.

  • Connecting BIM and the Smart Grid
  • Providing owners with more value during construction and into facility management
  • Learn the power of BIMStorm and Onuma using Cloud Computing
  • Simple to use interfaces to powerful data, without the need to learn complex tools
  • Managing a mountain of data in with simple to use graphics and data
  • Life Cycle Data and COBIE for Operations and Maintenance of Facilities
  • Managing knowledge in real time at a global scale
  • Collision detection for owner driven requirements
  • Integrated project delivery methods using powerful 21st century tools
  • Create BIMs compliant with GSA BIM Guide Series 02

45 Minutes to BIM - BIM for Medical and Educational Facilities

  • Tuesday, May 26, 2009
  • The focus is on medical and educational facilities, but the the process is not just limited to these types of projects.
  • View Recorded Webinar
  • Learn how the BIMStorm process is used on Medical and Educational Facilities
  • Managing a mountain of data in with simple to use graphics and data
  • Creating room data
  • Managing knowledge in real time at a global scale
  • Integrated project delivery methods using powerful 21st century tools
  • Creation of BIM data by non BIM users
  • BIMStormTour.kmz: Download the BIMStorm Google Earth Tour file to be used during the Webinar
    • This is an optional file, for users that want to witness through Google Earth the power of BIM Model Servers and Web Services.
    • There is a self playing tour with audio that introduces the concept in this file. During the webinar we will be making changes to the design and adding new buildings. These changes will automatically update this file. A more detailed explanation will be provided during the webinar.

45 Minutes to BIM - BIM For General Services Administration (GSA) and Federal Projects

  • Monday, May 18, 2009
  • View Recorded Webinar
  • Learn how the BIMStorm process is used on GSA Projects
  • Rapid population of GSA BIM data using Onuma
  • Step by step training in Onuma
  • Room Data Sheet creation using Excel, Onuma and Web Services
  • Creation of BIM data by non BIM users
  • AutoBIM - Rapid Start Tool for BIM

Demonstration of the method Onuma, Inc. used on GSA Projects. Learn the BIMStorm process to collaborate across a wide variety of tools and create powerful BIM deliverables for the GSA and other clients. Onuma, Inc. has been involved in a series of GSA projects and is listed on the GSA BIM Guide. Onuma is also installed on the GSA server in Washington DC.

We cannot show the actual projects but we will show the award winning process of getting teams to use tools that automatically link to BIM. Survey teams, with zero BIM experience created BIMs by placing data in simple to use formats that were able to create GSA Compliant BIM. This was part of the largest stimulus project for GSA, the Department of Homeland Security Saint Elizabeths Headquarters. Learn how an engine was created for capturing and managing operational requirements in BIM using Onuma and the BIMStorm process.

45 Minutes to BIM - Introduction

  • Monday, May. 11, 2009
  • View Recorded Webinar
  • BIM is Easy and Powerful
  • Collaboration at a Stunning Pace
  • AutoBIM - Rapid Start Tool for BIM

San Diego BIMStorm

Stimulating Architecture

COBIE Challenge for Life-Cycle Management of Data

  • COBIE Challenge Using Onuma and Web Services. View Recorded 3/11/09 presentation.
  • View Recorded Webinar

Rapid BIM with Google Earth and the Onuma

  • Sketching in Google Earth, import to Onuma
  • New features in Onuma for planning
  • Master planning using graphics and data
  • Simple to create BIM for everyone
  • Collaboration through Onuma
  • Automatic creation of Revit, Archicad and SketchUp? files

Introduction to the Onuma

  • Onuma is the engine that drives the award winning BIMStorms™
  • Learn how you can use Onuma to immediately generate value using BIM
  • Learn how everyone can BIM big and BIM easy
  • Witness real-time collaboration at a stunning pace
  • Learn why BIMStorm™ and Onuma were named one of the Top Ten AEC Technology Trends of 2008 by AECWeekly
  • Learn how others in the industry are using Onuma
  • Announcements of 2009 BIMStorms™

The shifting economy will require the ability to do more with less. Now is the time to expand the value you can offer clients with BIM. 

BIMStorms™ demonstrate Integrated Project Delivery at a stunning pace. BIMStorm™ LAX garnered a 2008 AIA Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) award. Learn new processes that impact the bottom line and redefine the value you give your organization.

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