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'REST' Web Services

The Onuma Planning System OPS™ offers its users a Web Services API (REST) to access data from the BIM Projects in any of the authorized OPS Studios.

The OPS Web Services™ can be used:

  • to create your own reports in an online or offline application
  • to link to and manipulate the data contained in OPS further in 3rd party applications
  • to combine BIM data from the Web Services with IFC flles from the OPS WFS™ in another Web Application.
  • ...

Below is a simple 'REST Client' with a series of sequential calls to REST resources in OPS. To test this, you will need an OPS Editor Pro account to authorize yourself. if you arleady have an OPS Editor Pro subscription, you may use your Username and Password to GET data from your own and any shared Schemes in your OPS Studios.

Note to non-technical users: Although we are demonstrating this 'Client' on our own server, there is an essential difference between this application and how a user has access to data from within OPS: As opposed to how data is accessed from within OPS, Web Services are enabling users and groups of users to access the data from other offline and online applications accross the Internet.

Please refer to the page "Web Services API" for the technical details and the data that is currently available through the OPS Web Services.